Monday, January 30, 2006

Filming for Orangutan & Tiger Conservation

Towards the end of 2005, Nick and Evie (Cockroach Productions) joined us in Sumatra while filming to raise awareness regarding the negative environmental impacts of large-scale oil-palm plantations. You can read their fascinating trip reports for an alternative perspective on two weeks spent with the Tiger Program. During their time in Sumatra they walked with tigers, met tiger poachers, and spent time with the indigenous Talang Mamak forest tribes. The documentary which they are producing ("Another Crude Oil") , focused primarily on the oil-palm threat to orangutan and tiger habitat, comes on the back of a Friends of the Earth/Ape Alliance sponsored report - "The Oil for Ape Scandal" (full or summary pdfs). Only a few months down the line and the momentum generated by the campaign has caused a major shift in UK consumers' awareness of the issues. Some major supermarket chains (Waitrose Ltd., and ASDA) have quickly moved to implement more responsible policies in relation to sourcing oil-palm products.

We're pleased that we were able to help Nick and Evie in providing a venue for obtaining a range of valuable photo-opportunities during their time on Sumatra. It's the least we could do to support this valuable cause to which they have so tirelessly dedicated themselves. Have a look at Cockroach Production's next project and then consider some ways in which you can take action to provide your support.

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